Strategy : Strategy : When you build a porta-fort, place a platform so you know when they are trying to get in your port-fort. When you leave a gas station place a trap down in the room and place a gun as bait in the middle of the trap so other players go for it and die.If your in a build battle and the others try to come on your build place a trap down under the ramp so you can kill them.

Save the world : Save the world came first before battle royale because Fortnite was about saving the world then they added battle royale and people liked it so they kept battle royale but.

Battle royale : Battle royale came second after save the world,battle royale is when you fight other player around the world and try to win.

Duos: Duos is in battle royal, Duos is when you team with another person. And try to rank 1st to win.

Battle Royale



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Squads: Squads is when you team up with 3 other players to rank 1st and beat other squads and other players from around the world.

Playgrounds: Playgrounds is like a practice mode, you can play with friends or you can play with players you don’t know from other parts of the world.

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