Why Make This?

As a high school teacher who does coding as a second job, I found myself starting to make small tools for personal use in the classroom. As I made more, I wanted to be able to give back to the community, and make them available for everyone. This project is a labor of love (to date, about 70+ hours in on it).

Version 2.4 Launched!

Automatic Updates Added! Last time you’ll have to manually update, future updates are pulled automatically from Github as with your normal plugins.

Notice to Past Users

If you downloaded any version prior to 2.0, you’ll need to re-authenticate with Google by adding the Sheets API to your project and then adding sheets to your scope, as well as generating new credentials.

Features List

  • Link With Google Classroom
  • Sign In and Out Sheet with Classroom and Sheets! (new in 2.x)
    • Log Students Time In and Out to a Google Sheet with the click of a toggle switch.
    • See when students left at a glance, and who is out.
  • Class Spinner with your class list!
    • Optionally remove once selected
    • Add options for teacher picks or last student picks.
    • Colorful and spinning sound effect (sound can be disabled)
  • Class Card Flipper with your class list!
    • Add options for teacher picks or last student picks.
    • Colorful and card flipping sound effect (sound can be disabled)
  • Bulk Invite Students to a Class
    • Copy and paste your whole roster, no need to invite one by one or clean up your list.
    • The plugin automatically extracts all email address from the copied text.
  • Sorting Sticks Group Size Calculator, from ilclassroomsinaction.org (download) (guide)
  • Upload PDF notes / worksheets / quizzes / tests and select classes to generate copies with your students name already on top (pulled from Google Classroom)
  • Optionally use a Rocketbook Template for your sheets, to allow for easy archiving (student or teacher). Pre-mark a circle if desired, and generate an auto-title via Smart Titles.
  • Optionally add a QR code to each PDF to allow a student to scan a friend’s to get an extra copy.
  • Optionally create a matching assignment in Google Classroom with a link to a blank single copy of the PDF
  • Optional Add On: Thermal Printed Hall Passes (requires higher than average comfort working with code, requires hardware device)

Download This Plugin

You can download the latest version of this plugin from GitHub (link below), or direct download a zipped copy here: https://github.com/duplaja/wp-google-classroom/archive/master.zip

See the Plugin in Action

Sign In and Out Sheet


Classroom Spinner: Populated From Your Class Lists

Card Flip

Worksheets: Names, QR Codes, Classroom

Generate Worksheets with Names, QR Codes, and Send to Google Classroom

Worksheets: Rocketbook Pages (New!)

Bulk Invite Students

Bulk Add Students from a Roster to a Google Classroom. Copy, Paste, and Click

Sorting Sticks Calculator

Separate Add On: Thermal Printed Hall Passes

**Requires Hardware Device, and higher technical know-how**

See the Code

You can view the code on Github, here: https://github.com/duplaja/wp-google-classroom

You can get the code / some light instructions for the thermal printer add-on here: https://github.com/duplaja/wp-google-classroom-thermal-printer