Resources for Individual Lessons (Suggested)

Students may log in with their school e-mail address to view daily lesson notes, homework / worksheets, and video tutorials specific to the individual lessons.

Video Resources

PatrickJMT : Short YouTube Videos produced by a professor at Austin Community College. Topics range from math basics, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and even Calculus! These are short videos that usually tackle a specific example of the type of problem being discussed.

Khan Academy : Video tutorials on a variety of subjects, including math of all levels. There is a great free program here for those who are studying for their SAT as well, in both math and English.

Classroom Documents

Algebra I Syllabus

Trans Algebra Syllabus

College Prep Algebra Syllabus

Test Retake Information and Form

Classroom Expectations

Tackling the Homework Dilemma (Article)

Binder Index Sheet (Blank)